RSS feeds and the art of procrastinating

This is my Google reader page on a good day, only 187 unread items. This number usually hovers around 300 and can go up dramatically if I have had a busy day or two and have not checked it. RSS is a great thing for people that visit websites that regularly update their content but as much as it is a great time saving tool it can also be a trap for procrastinating and distraction. This is when the “Mark all as Read” button can be your saviour, you don’t have to read everything.

Other great sites that are useful but can be a dangerous time sink for those of us easily distracted or prone to procrastination include

Moderation is the key, manage your time or else it will suddenly be 2am and you will be saying to yourself “just one more f5”
You have been warned!.

3 thoughts on “RSS feeds and the art of procrastinating

  1. I found exactly the same thing happened to me! Especially when you’re interests are based on many different topics, it’s hard to keep track.
    Plus, I’ve found that Google Reader is ‘messy’ to look at. While I ADORE Google, it is hard to look at the screen and know where to begin and what to skip… so I use Feedly to make everything a little more bearable!

  2. If you take a little time you can organise your feeds by topic or any way you want using the folders and subfolders, I haven’t tried feedly or any other rss apps, I have been using google reader for 3 or 4 years so its just what I’m used to now.

  3. This is very true, I always find that when I jump on my computer to have a look at my Google Reader and blog that it takes far longer to do a ‘few things’ than I anticipate 🙂

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